How to use Column Mode Editing in Notepad++

When you install/update N++ there is an option to select the plugin functionality. It is usually enabled by default, so maybe you accidentally disabled it at some point? Just re-run the installer and make sure plugins are enabled. Don’t smoke before or during the interview & don’t chew gum. When I open Notepad Dspell is […]

How to Install the Notepad++ Plugin Manager to Manage Plugins Artictle

XSD to JSON Schema IntellJ plugin – Plugin for converting an XML Schema file to a JSON Schema file. Python Pydantic – generates schemas from Python models based on Python 3.6+ type hints. Add-on’s for Notepad++ or PSPad, is free and not 30 USD, if you have missed this offer. Action that lets you choose […]

Windows 11s New Notepad Gets Dark Mode Support, and MORE Heres How to Try it Now

Notepad++ runs around 80 languages, and it can compile C++. The type and scope of a project are significant factors when choosing Notepad++ vs. Sublime. A long time issue “empty session” because of forced Windows update restart has been also fixed in this version. There are a few programs I use regularly, and I think […]

SOLVED How do I view a Windows system32 config system file? Windows Forum

Organising text files on your computer based on importance is the biggest reason for losing text files. Click the folder name to view the contained files and check if there exists deleted Notepad files. If you successfully find the desired txt files before deep scan has finished, click Stop to stop scanning. If you are […]